Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And so it begins............

In late December I started to think about subject matter for the Bead Journal Project.
The only parameters for the project are that you must do one project a month, it must include some beads and it must always be the same size. Which leaves the door open to many possibilities.
I usually work very organically. I start with a focal point and start laying out a palette of beads of all different sizes and shapes. From there I start working spontaneously, picking and choosing as I go. I really enjoy the element of surprise along the way.

About a mile from our house is The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.
It is a very magical place. It constantly changes through the different seasons.
So my thought is to use the garden as a source of inspiration for the bead journal project.
Every month my husband, Greg and I will go there take photographs. I will use these photographs as jumping off points for my pieces.
My major goal in joining this project was to bring some of my my knowledge of textile techniques to my bead work. So each piece will include at least one of the following techniques with the bead work:
crocheting, knitting, ribbon work, basketry and weaving.
I will be working on a background that is 6 inches X 4 inches.
Some pieces may ultimately be 2 -D and others may end up 3-D?

And so it begins.......................


  1. I am soooooo excited to have you with us this year and especially tha you've decided to incorporate your other fiberarts skills. This will be amazing!!! Robin A.

  2. It's a great idea to use such a garden for inspiration. I'll be looking forward to your pieces!

  3. Hi Marcie,

    I love the idea of using the garden for your inspiration and am fascinated by your beaded sculptures! I have done some botanical artwork and so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Happy beading! Carol

  4. Looking forward to seeing what the garden inspires you to create! I love the shoe in your banner, fantastic!

  5. Im very excited to see what you come up with!

  6. Delighted to see you doing the bjp this year...I'll also be looking forward to seeing your work!

  7. WOW! This is a fabulous start using the landscape as the focus of your work! BTW...LUV THE SHOE!

  8. Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to look at my blog.
    I am about 3/4 done. I will post my first piece when it is done.

  9. Uh huh, so you also work in ribbons, knitting, basketry and weaving, and use the garden for inspiration - another fibre soul mate. Kaite from Australia